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Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain. Nor does it make you selfish. Instead, it makes you indestructible. Rupi Kaur, in a poem, once penned, that, “you must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first.” You must be in LOVE with you. All of you. The good. The bad. The ugly. And the beautiful. Because, at the end of the day, you can be both a work in progress and a beautiful masterpiece. But you define that for YOU. And those willing to see the art that is YOU will see it. You will not have to ask anyone to SEE what just is.

It is at this point where you must plant your seeds. The foundation in your journey to peace and happiness is self-care and most importantly self-love. That is your root.

From there, you will grow.

Taking this into mind, and moving it into practice, begin with the first chakra. The Root Chakra (Muladhara – meaning “base” and “foundation”). Based in your spine. It is the first chakra in the chakra system and it is the first chakra in starting the expansion of your life. Drawing most of its energy from the earth, the Root Chakra cultivates a feeling of safety and grounding – hence ROOT. Its color is red, which in turn represents strength and vitality. It is where the foundation of your life is poured.

This chakra helps you become ROOTED in the world around you. It harnesses feelings of security and safety, advances your survival skills, builds positive self-views and understanding of self, as well as anchors your energy to the world. With a balanced Root Chakra, positivity will surround you. You will avoid energies promoting cynicism, avarice as well as feelings of insecurity. A balanced Root Chakra will also keep you focused and out of harm’s way. It is the first step in reaching a complete and total balance of mind, body, and soul.

To ensure you begin to nourish your Root Chakra, start by surrounding yourself with things made of the earth. Healthy eating is one great way to connect with the earth. By simply cleansing the foods that carry negative energies out of your diet – like red meats, foods heavy in metals, foods heavy in concentrates and heavily charged with too many free radicals – will drastically begin to cleanse your Root Chakra. Incorporating foods, fruits, and vegetables like, apricots, raspberries, cranberries, watermelon, spinach, among many others, you will aid your body in warding off free radicals that can cause an imbalance to your internal health. Other great ways are to connect directly with nature, through hiking and other similar activities. Not a fan of getting down and dirty with nature, practicing yoga is also a great way to awaken your Root Chakra. Combined with meditation, you can begin the journey to awakening your Root Chakra.

And it will be a journey well worth it. Because there is nothing more rewarding than being at peace with your own self. It is an investment in YOU. So, do not take it for granted.

Invest in YOU.

Remember, your soul deserves it.

Deserve it.

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