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The cranberry, to many, has long since been associated with a staple side dish on many Thanksgiving dinner tables. A sweet / tart condiment to add a bit more zest to your Turkey dinner, the cranberry, stands among a handful of fruits that dominant the Thanksgiving holiday season. However, the cranberry is more than just good for sauce to drizzle across your dinner plate. Rather, it a fruit that is good for the overall health and wealth of your body.

Native to the northern United States and Canada, cranberries, are generally harvested primarily in September and October. It is no wonder why it reigns in the Fall Season with desserts and sauces. As mentioned earlier, high in nutrients and antioxidants, the cranberry is linked to various health benefits ranging from lowering the risk of and managing UTI’s, preventions of various cancers, slowing the progression of tumors due to various cancers, improvement of immune function, improvement of kidney health, as well as decreasing blood pressure, amongst other benefits. Some of the nutrients packed in a cranberry that allows it to have such superpowers include its high counts in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Thiamin, Riboflavin, as well as Vitamin E. All of which are vital to maintaining a balanced diet as well maintaining overall health. The cranberry is also high in Proanthocyanidins (PACs), which is one of the key nutrients known to maintain kidney health as well as prevent various other diseases. Due to the high content of PACs in cranberries, they play a vital role in preventing the common bacteria found in UTIs from adhering to the urinary tract walls. It must be noted, however, these same effects cannot be achieved through simply consuming cranberry juices, especially from concentrate – as the sugars used in the juices tend to breakdown the superpowers cranberries have on their own.

Other great benefits of cranberries include:

  • blocking some of the damage caused by free radicals (which are, in a chakra sense, a great source of imbalance within any individual who has an overabundance of free radicals)
  • maintenance of teeth and gum health
  • improvement of iron absorption
  • aiding in making collagen
  • reduction of inflammation caused by arthritis
  • reduction of inflammation caused by digestive and stomach disorders
  • prevention of ulcers in stomach and urinary tract

 Among many other benefits, cranberries are a heart friendly fruit and a great source of fiber. It is truly a fruit to be reckoned with. Best consumed in its natural form for optimal health benefits, the cranberry can also be taken in a pill supplement, via juices or smoothies, or consumed in teas. Though, beware of sugar content when consuming the cranberry outside of its natural state.

All in all, this tiny fruit is one of many fruits good for YOU. And since the pursuit is for the ultimate care of self, why not start from within. What you choose to consume will be reflected on your exterior. So, ensure your interior is well cared for with foods and drinks that nurture your health. In the great words of Lauryn Hill, “How you gon’ win, if you ain’t right within?” Do yourself the favor and EAT foods good for your soul.

Get RIGHT within.
So, you can WIN.

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