:: s (K I N )

Naturally, pun intended, we move through this journey of self-healing and self-care as softly and smoothly as possible. Though, there will surely be hiccups along the way and moments in which we lose slight sight of what we are in pursuit of; however, lost, is what we won’t be for too long.

In our becoming, our coming home to ourselves, we find the first thing that makes us the same but also so very unique is our skin. Our skin provides us with a shield to some, but not all the harms of the world. It is the cover to the book we present to others of ourselves. Filled with chapters and experiences, to be shared (or not). It is our stamp in life. Varied in hues, our skin is what can make and break us. Dissecting any racial issues or tensions that arise due to the hue of, us, darker hued persons, we focus merely on the health of it. How we care for it. How we treat it. How we give it the love it needs. How we NOURISH it.

It is at this point in which I introduce Essano’s Rosehip Micellar Water. A facial cleanser that is not only gentle on all skin types, but it is also nourishing. Packed with organic ingredients like Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera, it is designed to not only cleanse but to soothe your skin. With the base of the product being the Micellar Water itself, which is made up of micelles – or tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules – suspended in (soft) water – Essano’s Facial Cleanser does double duty. The micelles latch onto dirt, makeup or any impurity on your face and removes it without stripping away any of the good oils your face needs to maintain its health. Even better, there is no rinsing required. All you need is one cotton ball doused in Essano’s Rosehip Micellar Water and your face will thank you for the LOVE you give it. You will be left with not only a cleansed, refreshed face, but also you will delight in the luxury of skin that is soft and dewy to the touch. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer and you are ready to tackle another day, fresh faced.

Vegan-conscience, green and sold in-stores and online, Essano’s Rosehip Micellar Water is a must have in your facial cleansing routine. As a proud user of the product, I can truly attest to the immediate and positive change in my skin’s overall appearance that has resulted from regular use. Suffering from a combination of partially oily but primarily dry skin, Essano’s Rosehip Micellar Water was the answer to my prayers for a facial cleanser that not only CLEANED but also left my skin moisturized and soft. Far too often, even with some natural based facial cleansers my face will still feel dry until I apply a moisturizer. However, with Essano’s product, my skin, pre-application of a moisturizer is left soft to the touch. Who’d have known the answer to my prayers was Micellar Water infused with Aloe and Rosehip oil. Speaking of Rosehip, an oil that deserves a post all its own, is truly a miracle worker when it comes to clearing up any issues with acne that may arise. In the end, Essano’s Rosehip Micellar Water packs a powerful punch. And if you have yet to get hip to the miraculous wonders micellar water can do for your skin, then I suggest you do yourself (and your skin) a favor and get wise. You won’t regret it.

Love your skin and your skin will love you back.  

Need to buy Essano’s Rosehip Micellar Water now, but you cannot find it in any stores (I purchased mine for a mere $8.00 at TJ Maxx on a random Saturday), you may simply purchase online here.

Remember, YOU deserve it. Your skin deserves it. You deserve to allow your outer beauty to match your inner beauty.



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