:: m (I N) d

Continuing this journey of self-care and healing, it is only natural that the care of one’s mind is the next stop. With hair protecting the scalp and the scalp protecting the mind, it becomes clear why a crown is placed atop our heads. Highlighting the beauty. The mystery. The uniqueness. The wonder of one’s most POWERFUL human trait: the mind. The mind is the key to many things – good and bad. The force of thought can be so life altering that even the poorest person alive could have the RICHEST soul in the world. One’s cup can be half empty when they allow negativity to enter their mind’s most sacred spaces. Or one’s cup can be half full when they allow the positivity of life’s roughest corners to soften in the glow of imperfection’s beauty. It is in that moment when one can see the beauty in the spiral down as much as they feel the joy in the flight high above that attests to how strong and powerful the mind truly is.

So, it is not surprising that during this cultural renaissance, or rather, black renaissance, why the focus has been more so on being and getting right for one’s own self. As our Lauryn Hill so eloquently sings, “How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within.” You cannot pour from an empty cup. It is imperative that one FILLS their own cup before pouring into the cup of another. That is why mental health is so VITAL. And no matter how you choose to heal and soothe your mind, ensure that you are working on yourself for yourself.

Now, for those of us who like pour into ourselves through and with words drowned on a page, what better way to collect those words but within the confines of a journal? Set In Soul, an all owned black business, with the mission to aid in nourishing the mind and soul, has created a platform that caters to the many budding and seasoned wordsmiths of the world. With custom made journals that promote, “finding your voice…” and, “embracing your fears and trust in the love that the soul provides…” Set In Soul, ensures that you are able to nurture your inner peace. As stated on their website, “Dope souls vibrate higher when they can heal, piece by piece, from what tried to break them.”

No matter the path you are on, be it one of self-rediscovery, growing in love, overcoming hurt of the past, YOU NAME IT, Set In Soul has a journal that caters to your wavelength. Infused with inspirational quotes and motivational prompts, these soul – full journals are merely a springboard to caring for your most precious attribute: the mind.

As Nayyirah Waheed so beautifully said, “be softer with you. you are a breathing thing. a memory to someone. a home to a life.”

Protect your space and energy. Be such a dope soul that people CRAVE your vibes.

Need a journal of your own, visit Set In Soul’s website: https://setinsoul.com/

Don’t hesitate.

Just (Do)Buy It. 


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