:: h (A I R)

In pursuit of more than just happiness, I began the journey to FREEdom. In that journey, it became utterly apparent that I had to commit to giving myself priority. So, I began with my hair. Washing out my damaged hair with the last drops of chemically infused shampoos and conditioners, I let my hair (and myself) understand how it felt to BREATHE. Throwing away the bottles of what used to be, I gently twisted, braided, and weaved in protective styles. Returning to my former hair dresser with a smile and thank you. I said good bye, to crack that was creamy. Placed my comb and brushes on shelves for the dust to make them their home. Donated the styling tools to the heat masters. I found products that were cheerleaders for FREEdom. And my roots grew. Coiled about each other, but strong. A little rough to the touch in the beginning, but with some water, and, well, love… the coarse softened. And with oils, came a fullness. Like the joy in a soul on a beautiful day, where sunshine took no time to be recognized. Hmmm... something about this transition.

I am.


And because freedom is even sweeter when shared, this series will be a small journey of some of the simpler things. Fused with some nudges, nom noms, and cheerleaders for FREEdom, this series will just be one of many helping hands on a road to making your health your greatest wealth. Your skin, hair, and soul will love the AIR because there is just nothing like one, good, DEEP breathe.

So, breathe.  


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